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Whitewater Christian Service Camp is offering nine summer camp experiences this year! All of our camps are age-graded, meaning each is geared for a specific grade/age range, based on the grade just completed, to meet your child at the developmental stage that they are at. Activities and lessons are scaled to create the greatest impact possible. Find the week(s) of camp that fits your child's age and read the descriptions below for more information about that week.


Traditional WCSC Camp Weeks 


Upper Elementary Week, Junior High Week, and Senior High Week provide our traditional full-week WCSC experience. Campers will experience worship, teaching, fellowship, and organized activities throughout the day. As a core part of this experience, campers are divided into family groups. We prefer to call these groups families rather than teams, since this is your family for the week! Campers will grow close with their families through their shared experiences in activities, working on a Bible drama together, and during family time. There are also many opportunities throughout the day for campers to interact with those outside their family as they enjoy everything WCSC has to offer. During these weeks, campers and staff will stay in our block-style cabins. Throughout their experience, campers will expand their connections as they build their relationships with Christ and one another.


First Chance Camp is a miniature version of our traditional camp weeks, where campers can get their first experience staying overnight at WCSC. Campers will experience everything that makes our traditional camp experience great, including worship, teaching, fellowship, organized activities throughout the day, and family groups.


Day Camp is a great introduction to WCSC for our youngest campers. Campers will experience a day filled with fun and learning. Day Camp is FREE to attend. Parents are welcome to stick around at the camp for the day, but not required.


Additional WCSC Camp Weeks


WCSC is pleased to offer several additional camp weeks. Please see the descriptions below for additional WCSC experiences. These weeks are intended to be supplemental to our traditional summer camp programming, so we recommend each of these weeks to be attended in addition to our traditional camp experience. This is highly encouraged as these weeks serve to provide additional opportunities for campers to grow much deeper with each other and in Christ.


Work Study Week is the first week of our summer camp season. This week is available at a reduced cost, because the campers and staff will work on service projects around the camp throughout the week. This week lives up to its name, as there are several opportunities for learning and discussion throughout the day, as well as two work periods, each about two hours long, during which the campers and staff will work on various projects to get the camp ready for the summer camp season. Some projects are manual labor, while others are more technical or less demanding. Campers will generally get to choose which projects they work on, and we will only ask that they work to their own ability (and we also provide as many water and rest breaks as needed). The camaraderie and atmosphere of the camp during the work periods is something special, where everyone is pitching in to get their jobs done, as the campers and staff see their work transform the camp throughout the week. Work Study Week also includes much of our traditional camp experience, including worship, teaching, fellowship, and organized activities. Campers are also divided into family groups. The blend of work, study, and fun activities truly allows the campers to grow in their relationships with one another and in Christ. 


Wilderness Camp is a unique take on the WCSC experience. This week is a bit more relaxed than our traditional camp weeks, and there is more focus on fellowship and conversation, as well as spending time in God's creation. Our wilderness camp area is located on an additional 22 acres beyond our main camp area. During our Wilderness Week, the campers and staff will camp out in tents or hammocks at our Wilderness Camp Area. We have separate boys and girls camp sites, with our base camp area in the center. The base camp includes our wilderness campfire where we gather for our meals and the campers will learn to cook several meals and desserts around the fire. We will have a few opportunities for the campers to learn and engage in discussion each day, including a morning class which takes place in our wilderness camp area, an evening message, and a campfire message around the campfire in our wilderness camp area. Campers are welcome to stay in a tent or hammock. Those who would like to stay in a hammock must bring their own. It is also highly encouraged that campers either bring a tent or plan to share with others. For those who are unable to bring a tent or hammock, WCSC will provide a tent.


Creation Camp is a miniature version of our wilderness week, and it allows our upper elementary campers an opportunity to experience WCSC in another way, as we enjoy learning, fellowship, and spending time in God’s creation together. During Creation Camp, the campers and staff will camp out in tents or hammocks, but this is done near their respective cabin areas at the main camp area, which makes camping out less intimidating. Campers will spend time in both our main camp area and the wilderness camp area. Those who would like to stay in a hammock must bring their own. It is also highly encouraged that campers either bring a tent or plan to share with others. For those who are unable to bring a tent or hammock, WCSC will provide a tent.

GAP Youth Preaching Camp combines the setting of a traditional week of church camp with specific training to equip and enable young men (boys ages 13-19) to accurately and clearly proclaim the Word of God. During the week, the young men will learn how to study and interpret the Bible, how to write an expository sermon, how to incorporate what they've studied into the sermon form, and how to clearly deliver their message. They will have the opportunity to write and preach their own sermon over the week. Not only will these young men have the camaraderie of other teenagers, they will also spend the week with seasoned preachers. Our goals for the week are to produce men who will "speak the truth in love" as well as to help develop within each young man a godly spirit of leadership. 

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